How is the water solubility of calcium hydride

What is Calcium hydroide? Calcium Hydride CaH2 is a chemical compound that is inorganic. It is white, crystalline powder that is not soluble in carbon disulfide but slightly soluble in concentrated acids. It is mainly used in chemical analysis, as a desiccant or reducing agent.

Calcium hydride powder: Uses and applications
It can be reduced to metal powders by heating it to 6001000 degrees. Metal oxides, such as zirconium and niobium are used. It can also be used as an analytical reagent, desiccant or reducing agent.
Preparation Calcium hydride
Refined calcium of about 99.5% purity was used. 5% was placed on an iron plate, which was then positioned in the center Shi Ying tube. Air inlet pipes and air outlets were installed at the ends of the Shi Ying tube with rubber plugs. Purified hydrogen from the air intake pipe was introduced, while the air outlet was connected with a smoke hood using a mineral-oil bubbler. A reaction tube is heated with an electric heater. First, a large volume of purified hydrogen is introduced to the reaction system. It's then heated in an electric oven. The reaction began at 200 degrees and was then heated up to 250-300 degrees. The reaction was completed in about two hours after introducing hydrogen at a rate 0.6mL/min. The calcium hydride produced was a gray porous crystal powder. Its purity was approximately 99%.
Calcium Hydride Properties
Calcium hydride is an orthorhombic crystal of colorless. It can be powder, gray or orthorhombic. The substance is sensitive to moisture. The relative density is 1,90. The melting temperature is 816 degrees (in hydrogen). Decomposition occurs at 600. In water it releases hydrogen. It can also be reacted with ethanol and generate calcium ethoxide and hydrogen. The reduction of metal oxidations is more powerful than that of lithium or sodium hydride.
Calcium Hydride Powder Prices
Calcium hydride Powder price is affected by particle size and purity. Also, the volume of purchase can affect the price. The price of a large quantity will be lower. On our official website, you can find the price for Calcium hydride.
Calcium hydride powder suppliers
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