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Are you familiar with graphite Graphite An allotrope is carbon. It's a grey-black opaque solid that has strong chemical and corrosion resistance. This is difficult to mix with alkalis and acids. Natural graphite can be obtained from graphite deposit. However, artificial graphite can also made by using petroleum coke and pitch coke (or other raw materials) through several processes. Graphite can burn in oxygen to produce carbon dioxide. It is oxidized with strong oxidants, such as potassium permanganate and concentrated nitric Acid. It is widely used for anti-wear, lubricant, and as a lubricant. High purity graphite, which can also serve as neutron moderator, can also be used to make crucibles. Crucibles.

Graphite has both physical and chemical characteristics
Graphite has a soft, black-gray and greasy appearance that can contaminate paper. The hardness ranges from 1-2 to 3-5, depending on how much impurities are added vertically. The specific gravity of the material is between 1.9 and 2.3. There is a concentration of the specific surface in the range 1-20m2/g. Its melting point, when oxygen is cut off, is higher than 3000degC. It is one of the most temperature-resistant minerals. It is capable of conducting electricity and heat.
There are no natural graphites that are pure. Graphite often has SiO2, FeO, Al2O3, P2O5, CaO, CuO, and many other impurities. Minerals such as quartz and pyrite are often used to disguise these impurities. Additionally, gas parts like water, asphalt and CO2, H2,CH4, N2, are available. The analysis of graphite must include determining fixed carbon and volatile matter, as well as ash.
Graphite is a simple substance of carbon.

The advantages of graphite powder

1. Resistance to extreme temperatures
3850+-50degC is graphite's melting point. Even though graphite can be burned in an extremely high temperature arc it will not lose much weight and its thermal expansion coefficient won't change. The temperature increases graphite strength.
At 2000oC graphite's strength doubles.
2. Chemical stability
Graphite exhibits good chemical stability, even at room temperature. It is also resistant to acid, alkali, and organic solvents
3. plasticity
Graphite can be ground very finely into thin flakes and has high toughness.
4. Thermally and electrically conductive
Conductivity in graphite is 100x higher than common non-metallic mineral conductivity. Thermal conductivity is greater than the metals steel, iron, or lead. Temperature increases the thermal conductivity. Graphite, however, acts as an insulation at high temperatures. Graphite is capable of conducting electricity. Each graphite carbon atom has only three covalent bonds. However, each carbon atom retains one free electron for carrying charges.

Applications of graphite
Graphite can produce refractory and conductive materials as well as wear-resistant and lubricants. These materials are extensively used in the metallurgy and petrochemical industries, machinery industry as well as electronics, national defense, and nuclear industry.

Prices for graphite
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